Thursday, December 18, 2014

Do they forget?

I was thinking the other day about so many people I know who are either separated or getting a divorce.  And since not any of them were in abusive or even what appeared to be loveless marriages I really wondered what brought them to that point.

Was it boredom?
Was it that the grass was greener?
Did they see others doing things they regretted not doing? 
Or living a life they wished they could live?
Did they simply fall out of love.

And if so, how did that happen?

How do you simply fall out of love?
Is it a slow the the little things that once made you glow now make you glower?
Was it fast and furious?
Or did you forget?

Did you forget the way he made you laugh?
Did you forget the way your heart skipped a beat when he was around?
Did your heart seize up?  Did it stop skipping?

Do you just need a reminder?

A reminder of all of those beautiful things you saw at the very beginning?
A reminder that he will always be there, holding you tight, even if you don't know it?  Or a reminder of all you've been through?  

I don't know anything about divorce, I don't pretend to and I pray I never do.  Watching a family member go through it and the manner in which it has torn him apart has shown me its torment.  Saying goodbye to  someone who meant so much to me has been difficult enough (And goodness knows divorce is about NO ONE except the spouse and the children being affected by it, so it is rather selfish to be sad for my loss in a divorce that is not my own because "all" I am losing is a sister   and a friend of 16 years.  He's losing oh so much more).

But still I wonder.  And in my wonder I remember and feel it all again.
The quickening of my pulse.
The racing of my heart.
The feel of his hand in mine.
And I feel the sadness in the pit of my stomach of losing him if I ever fail to remember the act of falling in love.  The things about him that make me tear up with overwhelming feelings.  The laughter.   The hand holding.  The static electricity.  The love.  

And I vow never to forget.  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Life series


Here are some totally gratuitous photos of me (for my Mom and so I can look back some day and go "Hey, I wasn't THAT bad.")
 I don't always wear glasses but when I do they are cats eye frames... 

photoSheri 44 birthdaySheri 44 birthdaySheri 44 birthday

(Ahem: I have a big nose don't I?)

I ate things like
homemade stromboli and avalanche bark..

The girl and I are (hopefully) going to see this movie this weekend...

Kinda just like I went and saw Annie with my mom years ago...

And I've been watching things like

(Okay: Guardians: BEST movie of the year, The Pact: Not as good as the book, The Red Tent: Good movie if you aren't comparing it to the bible story. )

The weather is weird and I'm constantly cold and still sick and still so so sleepy...(Thus all of the movies this week, a lot of time has been curled up in blankets and lying down.  I am SO spoiled by all of the days I get off at my job! I went from 5 days a week to 2 days a week!  So nice!)

 We put up the tree but forgot to test the this is before it was decorated and before we pulled all of the lights off and started over...and after...

And when I asked my adult son to move the chair to my bedroom but NOT block my door (Because I know he's a pest) this is what he did instead...

Nearly done


Saturday, December 13, 2014

String Art

Because we were bored and wanted to try something new

IMG_0250 (2) 

I went simple with a basic heart.

  And Miss Artistic didn't go quite so err...simple with a gorgeous sugar skull...IMG_0252 (2) 
 Seriously can't wait until she's done, it's beautiful so far!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Raccoon Scoodie w/ hidden pockets

**Please note: All patterns are untested unless otherwise stated.   Feedback and any corrections are appreciated!

I wanted this scoodie to be really long, like to my calves.  My last "scoodie" had a starting chain of 185, so this time I went with 302.

racoonFullSizeRender (2)racoon blur

The first photo  is actually the back of another scoodie, but it's the same idea, the scarf drapes over the front.
Yarn: Charcoal, black, white

Starting Chain:  303, turn
Row 1: Start in 4th chain from hook, DC across, ch 3, turn
Row  2: DC across, ch 3, turn
Row 3: DC 40, ch 15 (skip 15), DC 190, Ch 15 (sk 15), DC 40
Rows 4-6: DC across, ch 3, turn ; row 6 DC to end, tie off.
Fold scarf in half lengthwise, from center point measure back 12" in each side, place marker
Row 7: join at marker, DC across, join at marker, ch 3, turn
Row 8-11 DC across, ch 3, turn; at row 11 DC to end, tie off
Change to black
Row 12-14 , go to end of scarf, DC across scarf, sc up sides of rows 8-11, DC across front of row 11, SC down sides of rows 8-11, DC to end, ch 3, turn
Change to dark grey
Row 15 DC to end, following same directions from row 12 ch 3, turn
Change to light grey
Row 16 DC to end, following same directions from row 12 ch 3, turn
Change to White
Row 17-18 DC to end following same directions from row 12, ch 3, turn, at end of row 17 ch 1, turn
Change to black
Row 19 SC 5, spike stitch to end, tie off
Fold scarf in half again, sew from point of fold backward 12" connecting both back sides of the scarf (this will form your hood)

In Charcoal go to pockets, sc around, repeat until pocket reaches correct length, sew together, tie off and sew down one side to stabilize.

Ears: (Make two each in white and grey)
Row 1: Ch 9, SC in 2nd chain from hook and across, turn
Row 2: Ch 1, SC in ea. chain across, turn
Row 3: Ch 1, SC2TOG, SC until 2 st. remain, SC2TOG, turn
Row 4: Ch 1, Sc in ea. chain across, turn
Row 5: Ch 1, SC2TOG, SC until 2 st. remain, SC2TOG, turn
Row 6: Ch 1, SC in ea chain across, turn
Row 7: Ch 1, SC2TOG, SC until 2 st remain, SC2TOG, turn
Row 8: Ch 1, SC across
Row 9: Ch1, SC2TOG, tie off

Put ears together, SC around edge with charcoal, using 3 SC at tip of ear.

Whip stitch onto hat.

*Notes: The first time I made this (in the sample photos) the pockets were too low, I remeasured and while the directions "should" be the correct, please measure and make sure the pockets are located properly for your arm length.