Monday, April 27, 2015

Luke and Leia

Introducing Luke and Leia.


We found Luke and Leia on Craigslist.  The people giving them away had picked up a boat and towed it to their house.  Once there they opened it up and found a litter of very young kittens.  They were tiny (a few weeks) and had mild eye infections.  We took two of them (because apparently we are gluttons for punishment).  They are absolutely adorable and whiny and click for their momma all of the time.


Their favorite place to sleep is in my daughters hair, they burrow and burrow until they get her hair all ratted up and then curl up and go to sleep.  Looking at them we think they may be part doll face persians.  But really, who knows?


As you can see Luke is a constant mess. He has curly hair and we have to bathe him daily just to get the food out of his fur! He is the more vocal of the kitties, and he is pretty needy. He honestly seems about a week younger than his sister and he's significantly smaller.


Leia is more quiet but she is also more mischievous. She is ALWAYS into something, chases the dog, climbs all of the dog, runs after anyone that comes through the room and wants to play all the time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Retro Circles Baby Blanket

This is my newest project.  It's been fun, especially since it's the first time I made a "Granny square" of sorts and the first time I connected them.  I admit, I've been quite nervous about the whole idea.  What is one square is bigger then the others or one is smaller?  How will it all work out.  I always crochet fairly tightly, but after a while my stitches loosen up.


You can see some small errors but we are just going to be nice and not mention those mmmkay?

And it's raining so I didn't use my typical outdoor shooting arena (read: swing), thus the crummy light. But really, who besides me cares?


The squares are bright white, yellow. pink and brown as I was trying to use up some yarn. Beyond that the colors do look sweet together.


I'm not great at this, but it keeps me busy and that keeps me happy.


The blanket I made is 5 squares by 5 squares surrounded by a border of SC, HDC, DC., it's about 32x32 and you can find the fabulous pattern right here!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review: Sketch!

Do you want to learn to sketch the world around you?  
Do you want to learn how to translate what you see to paper?  
Do you love to draw?
Do you always have some form of art supplies in your pocketbook?

I think the idea behind this book is fascinating, and since my daughter is an artist and me...not so much, I found the fact that I might be able to connect to her on that level an interesting prospect.  I asked her to look at the book synopsis and then promptly went to review it.

Two issues.  The book disappeared into the depths of an 18 year olds room, hidden beneath sketch books and charcoals, near easels, watercolors and various olds it remained hidden for a few months, before one day I walked into her room and saw it's corner sticking out.  At that point I suddenly remembered the needs to review the book.

Here's the thing.  The book is really a personal story by an artist.  It tells how she found time to sketch with what she had, when she had it (time and items necessary).  Because of that my daughter enjoyed the book.  Her sketches, drawings, and artistic endeavors, although the mainstay of her life, do have to be squeezed into her every day between school and work and basic life.  She connected with the author, she was inspired by the book, she understood the points being made and the book is back to a place of honor in her room.  (Under the proverbial charcoal caked sketchbook).

What I was hoping for was an instructional guide on how to sketch.  About how to interpret the world around you and put those intepretations to paper.  That did not happen for me.  However, that does not mean the book is not a great book.  It's a beautiful book, and one I like to peruse.  And it's a book that leads an artist to try new things, new styles, etc.  For my daughter this is a wonderful book and one she and I am glad she owns.

I received this book from Blogging with Books in hopes of an honest review.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life Series #19


By the way: Darkness was okay, Insterstellar was a million times better than I expected, Exodus was lame (and not because it didn't follow the bible, just because it wasn't great), Babadook was good and Night at the Museum was the typical Night at the Museum.


and a million other random shows as I try to fall asleep after working a


needing to mow to get rid of these

missing my sweet sweet kitty

Friday, April 10, 2015

Pippi Bag for children

I call this the Pippi Bag because it reminds me  of Pippi Longstocking.

Truth is, I was bored, saw this bag, thought it looked cute and then thought it would be really cute with a big bold flower once that was done  my daughter walked in and said "That needs a cute drawstring on it!", so I whipped together a few different lengths of corkscrews before settling on one and weaving it through.  (Note: I did not create this pattern, it's a mish mash of several patterns I found while searching around.  Since I crocheted them I have seen several more that are quite similar called "Market bags", "Shopping bags" or "Beach bags")

Once it was all said and done I thought three things:
  1. The bag needed some gaudy flowers (which I added)
  2. The flowers needed beads
  3. I really wanted to see Pippi Longstocking again!
Thus the name.

The Pippi Bag

Hook: J for bag, G for flowers
Yarn: Worsted Weight (multiple colors)

Bag Pattern:

  • Ch. 2, DC 12 in 1st chain, join, ch 2
  • DC 23, join, ch 2
  • DC in 1st DC, 2 DC in next, repeat to end, join, chain 2
  • DC, DC,2 DC, repeat to end, do not join, chain 1
  • DC, chain, in ea. DC around
  • DC, chain, in ea. chain 1 space around (repeat 17 times)
  • DC in ea. chain 1 space around
  • DC in ea. DC around
  • Do not finish
Bag should be about 23 rows tall

Handle Pattern:
  • Beginning at final step of bag pattern (yarn is still attached) DC 7, ch 2, turn, repeat until handle reaches desired length
  • DC to other side of bag so handle is evenly attached

Drawstring Pattern:
  • SC about 120
  • SC 4 in first ch. from hook 
  • SC 4 in next ch, repeat x 23
  • SC X 78
  • SC 4 in next ch, repeat X 24
  • tie off
  • Count down two rows from top of bag, slip drawstring through every 4th ch. 1 space.  
  • Work corkscrews so they hang properly
pippi1Flower Patterns:

Five Petal Flower  Pattern:
  • Center: Ch 2, SC 12 in 1st chain
  • 2 SC in each SC (24)
  • Tie off
  • Petals: (Make 5), you will crochet around the starting chain, do not turn at end.
  • Ch 6
  • Turn, SC 4, 2 SC in end ch, 5 SC, 3 SC in end ch, (Do not turn, continue in the round), SC 11, 2 SC, 3 SC, 2 SC, SC 12, 2 SC x 6, SC 6, tie off.  
Five Petal Flower Assembly:
  • With Yarn needle sew petals to flower center.  Bead as desired, if desired.

Sweet Little Posie Flower Pattern:
  • Flower: Ch 5
  • sl st. in first ch, forming ring
  • 3 DC in center of ring, sl. st.  (repeat x 5)
  • Pull circle mostly closed, tie off.
  • Center: Ch 3, sl st. in 1st chain, tie off, pull through center of posie
As for that adorable flower I saw a picture of one on a google image search, when I clicked it I was taken to a non existent domain, so I just recreated it.  I'd love to give credit where credit is due.  So if you know who it's due to...let me know!