Saturday, May 16, 2015

Truth is...

I can't lie.

We were talking about this the other day.  I physically cannot lie.  I can't look you straight in the face and tell a lie.  I can't tell a white lie.  I can't be dishonest.
Now I CAN exaggerate although I am very conscious of the ability so I attempt not to.
I can also leave out facts, but then I feel guilty.
I can avoid the question, but then I feel as if I am ignoring someone.
I mean, I am sure I HAVE lied in my life, haven't we all?  But generally speaking it's next to impossible for me.  I'd rather be upfront.

Once upon a time (Many years ago in a land far, far away) someone commented that I was not always truthful. Now the person (pardon me) is a hateful person who likes to stir the pot and truly doesn't know me from Eve,  but the statement has always stuck with me.  Because I was so saddened that someone might view me that way.  I mean, I may be a lot of things, but a liar, I am not.

I ALWAYS rat myself out.  Always have.  Likely always will. I have told on myself more times in my life than I can count or care to remember.
I hate the idea of trying to keep a lie up so I just tell the truth.   I'd rather be honest and move on.
I try so hard to make sure I am always honest that I come across as someone who makes up stories.  I don't know why I do that, but I will pause and think through something just to ensure I am being totally honest.  I obviously have a lot of doubts about myself.
I am an anxious  person.  Which gives the appearance of mistruths.  What I mean is I don't hold eye contact, I scratch my face, I move...a lot, I'm jittery, squirmy, antsy...  I have a lot of physical characteristics you are supposed to look for to catch a liar. But that's just who I am.  I get nervous talking to someone, so nervous that I'll say that wrong thing, that I clam up or babble.

But...I don't lie.
And that's no lie.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Life series #21

Watching, doing, seeing, thinking...

Crocheting these babies


 Playing with these babies


This long haired dude is Luke.  He's a little bit sick right now so we are working hard on getting him healthy again.


This sweetie is Leia.  *(Yes, they are Luke and Leia).  She's taking good care of her baby brother, cleaning him up, making him lay down, etc.  



Arranged because it's just a guilty pleasure.  
Ghost Whisperer because it's a good old standby.
Cleveland Abduction because it was so so sad it's still so fresh.
Secrets and Lies because it was an awesome series and I hope it'll be around next season.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

To all of the Mom's out there that I know and love.  Even if you don't have children or aren't a woman you can still mother someone...and so many of you do.  Mothering is about loving, about giving, about being totally unselfish, about giving all you have for someone that means everything to you, or simply to see a sweet smile light up their face.  It's about singing silly songs at the top of your off key lungs in order to make someone laugh.  It's about wiping tears and healing hurts.  It about seeing someone sick and knowing you would trade places with them in an instant.  It's about wanting to take away their pain.  It's about always sacrificing, so much so that it becomes second nature, habit, and a bit of who you are.  It's about a protective stance, a touch yet tender heart, a tear on your cheek and an ache in your soul.   It's about never having that piece of pie, but always having a piece of your heart in theirs.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Granny Square


I simply wanted to learn to make granny squares after my fun with the retro circles blanket, so I perused the internet, found a few granny square patterns, attempted to follow them, quickly realized they weren't what I had in mind, so through lots of play I figured this one out...I know I'm not some super creative person so this is likely out there already, but I didn't find it, so I thought I'd share...these whip up quickly and are super addictive (and to be honest, if you need fairly instant gratification they are ideal.)

GrannyI went through and counted the DC's so I could add the count at the end of each round, I hope I got the count right!

Round 1:Ch. 4, sl st. in first chain forming a loop.
Round 2 :12 DC in ctr. of loop, sl st. (12 DC)
Round 3: Ch 3(Counts as DC), (DC, ch 2, 2 DC) in same space, Ch. 1
 sk 3 DC, in space between DCs (2 DC, 2 ch, 2 DC) (Repeat 3 X), sl. st. (16 DC)
Round 4:  Ch 4 (Counts as DC, ch 1), sk 1 DC, in space (2 DC, ch 2, 2 DC), ch 1,* sk 2 DC, in space 2 DC, ch 1, sk 2 DC, (2DC, ch 2, 2 DC) ch. 1 (*repeat x3), ch 3 (counts as DC), sl st. (24 DC)
Round 5: Ch 4 (Counts as DC, ch1), sk 1 DC, in space 2DC, sk. 2 DC in corner:  (2 DC, ch 2, 2 DC), ch 1,* sk 2 DC, in space 2 DC, ch 1, sk 2 DC x 3, ski. 2 DC to corner: (2DC, ch 2, 2 DC) ch. 1 (*repeat x3), ch 3 (counts as DC), sl st. (44 DC)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eric's RIbbed Hat

A while back I made this adorable hat for a friend's grandson.  I just found out today that the nearly 3 year old wears his little baby hat ALL THE TIME (and it's quite small on him!) so I decided to whip him up a new one.  Since the last one I made was a pumpkin I thought it might be better to have an unadorned hat, but also went with a rib style since that was what I originally made him.

Eric's hat
1. Chain until hat reaches proper height plus 2 inches*
2. Sc in second ch from hook. Sc across. Ch 1. Turn.
3. Sc across in back loops only. Ch 1. Turn. (BLO is what gives the ribbing)
4. Repeat step 3 until you have hat measures the proper circumference.**
5. Fold the piece in half so that the first row is next to the last row. Slip st together each st of the first row and the last row. Ch 1 at the end.
6. Sc across the top of the piece in every other row. Do not join.
7. *Sc in next 2 st, sc2tog in next st, repeat from * around until there are 12 st left.
8. Sc2tog six times.
9. Fasten off. Weave yarn through last 6 stitches and pull tight to close the top of the hat. Weave in ends.

*For this child the hat height will be about 6-6 1/2"   Since I want the bottom to fold up I will add 1-2 inches to the height.  Number of stitches depends on hook and yarn size.  
**For a two-five year old we are looking at a circumference of about 19"-20" so I stopped my rows at 17+" (since the hat will stretch)