Saturday, April 28, 2012


I was SO thankful to have Friday off (Okay, I am always off work on Fridays, but I look forward to them...all week).  Yesterday I had big plans.  You know: Walk with Punkin, Clean the house, make my bed, do laundry, kick back, play on my Kindle Fire.

Instead I had a host of other things happen.

  1. I transplanted a hedge that has needed move since the Yucca grew like crazy.  In the process I somehow completely mashed my finger (don't ask) and flayed the skin off index finger.  LOVELY.  After nearly passing out from pain (You try mashing your finger and tell me how well you hold up!!  It always amazes me how I can break my foot and walk on it for days but mash my finger and I'm down for the count) I rinsed my hand off under the hose and finished transplanting the hedge and then wandered in to bandage myself.  I only realized later that I had blood all over my legs from the injury.  And on the stepping stones.  HA!
  2. Dude ran in to tell us the dog had a snake.  I walked out thankful I had been too injured to put the shovel away and grabbed it for defense.  I am not sure if it was a King Snake or a Rattler.  It sure looked like a rattler so I wasn't taking any chances.  He's headless now.  And I about threw up finishing it off.  (The dog did a pretty good job of keeping the snake away from me and tried to crush it on her own)
  3. I walked back up to the house trying to hold my lunch down when a bird pooped on me! OH YES! He did...on my leg.  I hate swallows.
As far as what I had planned.  Well I straightened and dusted. I walked 4 miles.  I made my bed and I played on my Kindle Fire.  The laundry never got touched.  In fact typing this out is the first time I thought of the laundry.  No big deal it will surely be there when I get home from work on Saturday.


  1. Wow. That is one heck of a day! If it makes you feel ever-so-slightly better, being pooped on by a bird is supposed to be good luck in some cultures. :)

    Hope your finger's feeling better.

  2. Oh my... what a day! Sure hope today is injury, bird poop, snake free!

  3. Ah The Great Phoo bird.
    Do you remember the moral

  4. I told you to leave the skin of your hand and Maybe another Sheri would grow. Of course it would scare the living daylights our of you, and me and the world. That is from a "Stephen King Novel"
    No nightmares. LOL

  5. Ugh! What a day! Surely this week will be much better! (((Sheri)))